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A tapa that will surprise even the most demanding guests. Accompany it with some mussels.

30 min
4 servings

4 cans of ALBO light tuna in olive oil

4 ripe avocados

2 tablespoons mayonnaise

1 teaspoon mustard

2 eggs

1 squeeze of lemon juice

1 small spring onion

1 little chives



1 1: Cook the eggs In a saucepan bring plenty of water to boil. When it reaches boiling point, add the eggs, being careful not to break them when they hit the bottom. When the water boils again, let them cook for 8 to 10 minutes. When they are ready, remove the shells. .

2 Empty the avocados While the eggs are cooking, take the opportunity to empty the avocados. To do this, cut them crosswise, leaving the pit in the middle. Separate the two halves and remove the stone. Now, with the help of a spoon, remove the avocado flesh without damaging the skin. This is a process that should be done delicately and without haste, so take your time and try to be careful. As you remove the avocado flesh, set it aside in a bowl.

3 Prepare the mixture Add a little lemon juice, salt and pepper to the avocado flesh. Start to break up the flesh with the help of a fork. You don't need a homogeneous paste, on the contrary, if we find solid pieces of avocado they will add texture and flavor to the dish. Add the finely chopped spring onion and chives to the mixture, and continue mixing with the fork. Next, drain the tuna, cut it into small pieces and add it to the mixture. Then dice the egg and add it to the bowl. When it takes the form of a compact mass, add the mayonnaise and mustard. Mix everything well with the help of a fork and create a mixture with small pieces but compact.

4 Stuff the avocados Finally, all that's left is to fill the avocados. With the help of a spoon, place the mixture inside the skin. Distribute the mixture proportionally in each of the halves you have prepared. Your tuna-stuffed avocados are ready to serve.


Sometimes they can also be perfect for a light dinner when we don't feel like cooking too much.  

Recipe provided by Conservas ALBO.

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