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Spanish cuisine is rich in flavours and smells and is very deep-rooted in the country's culture.

At Christmas, culinary delicacies, and especially desserts, become par for the course, covering tables all over Spain with colour and sweet tastes. Discover these authentic, traditional desserts - sweet treasures made with almonds, honey, sugar, chocolate and fruit, among other things, with world-renowned quality.

Rabitos Royale Collection... Rabitos Royale Collection... 2
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Rabitos Royale Collection 95g. 6 units

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We present you a selection of our Rabitos Royale that includes Rabitos Royale Dark with dark chocolate and a touch of brandy, Rabitos Royale Milk with milk chocolate a a atouch of salted caramel and Rabitos Royale White with white chocolate a a touch of strawberry. Caramel in adorable packaging. The perfect gift!
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