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Aged Pasteurized Goat's MilK  Tronchon IGP
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Type: Ripened natural goat milk cheese.Approx. weight: 1,2 Kg. 

 Cheese produced in the Region of Valencia in the province of Castellón. Made using pure, natural goat milk, with a very aromatic, creamy flavour, ripened for 1 month to produce a soft cheese. Its delicious flavour is reminiscent of home-made cheeses from the past.

 Rind colour:...
Jamón Serrano & Spanish Cheese Tapas Pack Jamón Serrano & Spanish Cheese Tapas Pack 2
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Tapas Mediterranean Lifestyle. 2 packs of 2.64oz (Net Weight: 150g/5.29oz) Jamón Serrano REDONDO IGLESIAS 18 + months cured (10 Slices approx.) GARCIA BAQUERO (2 Sliced Cheeses of each)Manchego Sheep's milk cheese, Iberico Sheep, Goat & Cow's milk cheese, Typsy Goat Goat milk cheese with wine
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