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The olives, fruit of the olive tree, are a characteristic food of the Mediterranean diet, of which Spain is the main producing and exporting country in the world. The table olive is a food of high nutritional value and very balanced, it has all the essential amino acids in an ideal proportion, although its protein content is low, its fiber level makes it very digestive. Its mineral contents stand out, especially Calcium and Iron, Provitamin A, Vitamin C and Thiamine are also present.

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Serpis Anchovy Stuffed  Olives "Great Selection" 20.8oz Serpis - 1
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Aceitunas Rellenas de AnchoaDrained Weight: 20.8oz Stuffed olives with a special caliber, they are the biggest. The SERPIS Anchovy Stuffed Olives are now stuffed more than any other olive on the market, offering the best flavor and quality.
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