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Marcona Almonds Fried & Salted  - 1

Marcona Almonds Fried & Salted

1 Reviews

Almendras de Marcona Fritas y con Sal 
Net Weight: 16oz/454g 

Cooking instructions:
1. Heat the oil in a pan and get the almonds ready. (cover the base of the pan)
2. When the oil is hot, add the almonds and turn the heat down to the minimum.
3. As the almonds brown, keep moving all the time - this is very important to prevent burning.
4. When they are browned, drain off all the oil and then transfer to a bowl lined with kitchen paper. Add salt.

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Almonds, salt, and olive oil.

It is the most prized variety from the point of view, unique in its taste and quality. Your traditional exquisite rounded fruit flavor, appearance, and quality have excellent organoleptic properties to be used as a snack (snack) in different ways (roasted, fried, salted, raw, etc.)

1 Reviews

original flavor
just like the ones you can find in Spain

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